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Allow me to introduce myself, My name is James and I am a Full Stack Software Engineer and general IT enthusiast. I also try to be a bit of a creative at times but I'm not so good at that! Though I do enjoy it.

I have possessed this domain tesh.digital for a while now and always intended to do a bit of blog on topics I find interesting. they could be; engineering, systems architecture, gaming, 3D modelling and maybe even the odd bit of photography and my (poor) attempts at artistic endeavours.

Why did I want to start a blog? I just feel it's another creative outlet and I want to practice my writing more to increase my capabilities in that space. Should I find the time going forward I also intend this to be a showcase of any projects I start or get involved with.

Time is certainly a premium to me, I have a full-time job in the field mentioned above and also have two children! But I do want to start logging some of my initiatives.

For my tech-related content, I will be leaning heavily in the direction of open source, I am a big fan of the federation of development of software as it drives innovation and there is less corporate interest influencing decisions.

I am a big fan of GNU/Linux and my operating system of choice at the moment is Pop!_OS by system76. Professionally I have experience developing software in Python and Java and some more niche technologies focussed on customer communications management such as Doc1. Other things I have experience with include TypeScript and Vue.js

Gaming-wise, I really enjoy games that make me think, even if I'm not very good at them! One of my all-time favourites is Factorio and I'm looking forward to Cities Skylines 2.

As for my more creative endeavours, I have an interest in drawing and 3d modelling/animations. I'll confess, I'm not particularly creative but I do enjoy having a play about and have been learning Blender with great enthusiasm the last few weeks. The logo for this blog was an experiment with using Blender to create web content

My current plan is to write some articles on the following topics:

  1. Distributed Systems Architecture and an interesting pattern I've been digging into

  2. Adventures in GNU/Linux - GPU passthrough and customisations

  3. Share some Blender Renders and some of the behind-the-scenes elements

  4. Containers and some Docker related content

  5. Python, Java and a fight between the two on what languages should be used for your next project

If anyone reads this, hope you find any content I might post of interest, if you do, don't forget to say hi! If you have any tips or want to share your blog with me in the comments, I'd be more than happy to check it out!